Gelato Pure Water is exactly that…pure. We source our water from a private spring nestled 5,000 feet high in the pristine Palomar Mountains. This artisan water undergoes natural filtration, preserving its refreshingly crisp taste.


Our Commitment to Sustainability

At Gelato, we're passionate about delivering exceptional water while minimizing our environmental footprint. That's why we package our pure water in eco-friendly, BPA-free aluminum cans. Unlike plastic, aluminum is infinitely recyclable, maintaining its quality through successive recycling processes. By choosing aluminum, we're tackling plastic pollution and reducing the release of harmful microplastics into the environment. Our conscious efforts to address these issues are integral to our identity and ongoing commitment to sustainability.

Aluminum Packaging

Understanding the Benefits of Aluminum Packaging

Perhaps you're wondering about the highlighted phrase "losing quality of volume." It refers to the unique advantage of aluminum packaging. Unlike some materials that degrade with each recycling cycle, aluminum retains its quality and volume, ensuring that recycled cans are just as durable and effective as their original counterparts. This attribute underscores our choice of aluminum packaging and our dedication to providing you with pure water in a sustainable and reliable manner.